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Chartered Accountants Irleand Irish Taxtation Institiute

Business & IT Consultancy

Every business has ongoing day-to-day accounting requirements. However, now and again, a business will need the help of a professional for non-routine assignments. Whether it is raising finance, changing the way your business operates or reviewing the efficiency of the business, we are there to help.

Business Consultancy

Among the services we provide are:-

  • Preparation of cashflows, budgets and projections
  • Proposals to banks for additional finance / restructuring of current facilities
  • Preparation of claim forms for government and EU grants
  • Company formation and advice on business start-up
  • Company and Share valuations
  • Review a company’s internal controls and recommendations for improvements

For further information please contact us.

IT Consultancy

Every organisation needs to ensure that its IT and financial accounting systems are constantly up-to-date and that its people have the required knowledge and experience to make the most of the available software package. We provide:-

  • A review of computerised accounting systems and recommendations for improvements based on current and future requirements
  • Installation of new accounting and payroll software packages
  • Staff Training
  • Bespoke report writing tailored to a client’s business requirements

For further information please contact:- Colum McCarthy